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The positive effects of social media

Hend Elkhouly

Everything has its pros and cons, you would normally hear about both effects, but we seem to hear more about the negativity of social media rather than any positive effects.

So let’s only talk about some positive sides to it here.

2020 started off as quiet a bumpy road, we were all locked inside to protect one another against a deadly virus, they said. We sat at our homes, with every piece of information right between our hands. We had something different than those of the earlier generations, during any past epidemic or whatsoever. We had the power to stay in touch more than ever, we got closer to people we didn’t have time for. It was as easy as a touch on our screens, to talk to our loved ones, meet new people, educate ourselves about other people, to read about new cases in the media, and we created platforms to entertain and stay connected all together.

We had fun, we danced, we played, we laughed, and made many memories all together, but separate.

Social media had its biggest impact on us, we spend many more hours on the internet today than ever before, just to learn about everything going on in the world.

And then it all seemed so clear, that we were all ONE WORLD.